Tuesday 10th October 6pm Left in Print with ROVA Editions

ROVA Editions presents 'Left in Print'.

Please join us at The Scrandit on Christmas Steps for the inaugural ROVA Editions event. Debating the Left in Print, we’ll explore the importance of discussing progressive ideas in today's print media. The panel session will discuss the importance of having radical ideas and underrepresented voices in print and its significance for political narratives. 

We’ll ask questions like: how does editorial content, design and illustration impact on audiences? How does this make a difference to the face of print media and influence political thought? How can the Left compete in both a Capitalist advertising dominated editorial industry and the fragmented online digital space? 

Our panel for the event will be comprised of Erin Mathias (Editor of The Paper), Max Jeffrey (Art Director of STIR to Action magazine), Phil Wrigglesworth (Editor and Art Director of Left Cultures publication) and will be hosted by the Eliz Mizon (Strategy Lead for the Bristol Cable).

Tickets cost £5 and will cover entry fee and £3 off a magazine. Drinks will be available at the bar. Please visit https://rovaeditions.co.uk/products/left-in-print to buy tickets


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