Left in Print with ROVA Editions, Tuesday 10th October 6pm

ROVA Editions presents 'Left in Print'. Please join us at The Scrandit on Christmas Steps for the inaugural ROVA Editions event. Debating the Left in Print, we’ll explore the importance of discussing progressive ideas in today's print media. The panel session will discuss the importance of having radical ideas and underrepresented voices in print and its significance for political narratives.  We’ll ask questions like: how does editorial content, design and illustration impact on audiences? How does this make a difference to the face of print media and influence political thought? How can the Left compete in both a Capitalist advertising...

Left Culture Event 2 The Bookhaus Bristol

For the main launch of Left Cultures 2 we are making a return visit to the Bookhaus Bristol on Tuesday the 29th August from 6pm to 8pm. Tickets cost £5, include a couple of drinks and a couple of quid off the publication. During the event we will discuss the project and hear from contributors about their stories. The evening will be pretty informal and friendly, please come down to join the debate. You can buy tickets from the Bookhaus website  Look forward to seeing you at the event. ---

Left Cultures Event 1 Clarion House

For the 2nd edition of Left Cultures we have collaborated with the members of Clarion House by asking them to write a collection of short stories for our main feature. At the event we will be launching the 2nd edition itself, discussing the members stories and cultures on the Left more broadly. The stories in the 2nd edition include radical walking, the importance of local libraries, Burnley communes and radical sportsmen connected to the East Lancashire area.  All left-wingers are welcome to this free event. ---  

Edition 02 - Coming Soon

The 2nd edition of Left Cultures is coming very soon. We can't wait to show and share more about what's in the publication. It is jammed packed with 57 stories across 128 pages in length and fully illustrated throughout. There's stories focusing on Led by Donkeys, Communal Terrace Paths, Work and Hate, East German Theatre, Depeche Mode, Marcus Garvey and much, much more! But for now here's the front cover, a dark, deep and mysterious black. What's going to be between those lavish black covers?  ---